Welcome to our farm!

Howdy, and welcome to our nook in the beautiful woods of the Brazos Valley of southeastern Central Texas!  We are the Snowden family, and it is here that we strive to be faithful husbandmen and women of the Lord in our calling to serve as a source of high quality Alpine and Nubian family milking goats.

OUR GOAL is to raise the highest quality livestock possible.  As you investigate our sale pages, and hopefully become one of our valued friends, we hope that you will agree that Snowden Family Farm offers you the best value, whether you are purchasing goats for show, milk, or both.

To accomplish our goal, we keep our herd small.  By always keeping our numbers pared down, we can continue our focus on quality rather than quantity —  in our goats’ conformation, production, and the care they receive.



Excellent Bloodlines — When you buy stock from us, you are purchasing goats from genetically proven lines.  Our goats’ pedigrees are filled with names that are recognized around the nation.  We employ natural service and even some AI to produce outstanding goats that satisfy your needs.  With a judge and members of the multiple time champion Texas 4-H State Goat Judging team in our family, we know goats!

Weighing dollyHigh Standards of Care —Health is taken very seriously here.  Our goats are kept in good shape by providing high quality feed and care.  They also benefit from regular vaccinations performed by a licensed veterinarian, and a parasite control program implementing both the strategic program recommended by Dr. Craig, Parasitologist at Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and the FAMACHA program.  We have all of our foundation goats tested for CL and CAE, and quarantine and test any newcomers from non-CL and CAE free herds. All of our goats come ready to unload on your farm — with a hoof trim; deworming; current vaccinations and supplements, including CD/T and Bo-Se; and registration papers.

IMG_1530_BPS, CHarlie&Lettie

Kid-Gentle Livestock — Gentle goats are some of the most enjoyable livestock, since they are easy to treat and handle, safe to work, and just plain fun to be around! That’s exactly what we raise, because we work  with our herd at least twice a day. We attend nearly every birth, so kids are handled and loved from the moment they are born.

Although our goats are accustomed to people and will follow you around the pasture, don’t expect them to behave like dolls — because goats will be goats, and goats are fun!


IMG_0025Our fine goats come to you gentle, and in the topmost condition, ready to begin producing for you.  That’s the first half of what makes Snowden Family Farm’s goats such an outstanding value.  The second half is our service.  As devout Christians, we take seriously that we should do all things as if for Christ, and believe that we should treat others as we wish to be treated.

Honesty — What that means for you is that you can expect unrivaled service and honesty.  Records are accurate, and you can ask us questions about our goats, knowing that we are going to give you a truthful, straightforward answer, because we mean what we say.

Helpfulness — We strive to provide superior customer service, so you can count on us being there for you after the sale.  Feel free to e-mail us with a question about your new goats at any time.

cutout Colt dairy buckOnce again, WELCOME!  Enjoy browsing our website, and then contact us to set up a time to talk to you in person.  We can’t wait to meet another friend.  May the Lord bless you!