Our doelings love to run!
(L to R) Kessie, Taffy, Kisses, Rosebud, Poteet, Sweetie, & Buttermilk

Entire Alpine dairy goat herd and 1 Nubian buck – FOR SALE

We have made the difficult decision to disperse our dairy goat herd. Although we hope to rebuild our dairy goat herds down the road, we currently need to focus on other tasks the Lord has given us.

Therefore, our core herd of registered Alpines is for sale – 4 does and 1 buck. These are the result of 16 years of breeding, selection, and blessing from God through many kind people. These goats are the ones we have been selecting over years to continue our dairy goat herd and are all in the prime of their productive life: Kandy, Kisses, Taffy, & Dream are all high producers, good disposition, and have outstanding conformation. Fidis is a very structurally correct and gentle buck from the renowned Cherry Glen Farm in Maryland, and was the buck we had selected to continue our breeding program for the next few years.

If you are interested in any or all of them, please call (979-436-3912) or email (info@snowdenfamilyfarm.com) us.

Additionally, we have 1 excellent young Nubian herdsire available for sale, who is a son of our oustanding Pruittville buck, Lindera, and of one of our most conformationally correct does, Rosebud. Greenville will be an asset to any breeding program, and is one of the only bucklings we kept from 2016. Our Nubian herd has been purchased by a family who had already reserved from us in expectation of 2018 kids.

It is with joy we go down the path the Lord has given us, but it is difficult for us to sell the goats we have spent years investing in. We pray that the Lord will bring families who will continue the work given to us by others and which we have sought to faithfully continue.

May the Lord bless you,
the Snowden family