Friends - 2014-07-04

Saddle-Trained Mammoth Jennets – FOR SALE

We have made the difficult decision to reduce our mammoth jacsktock herd in order to focus on other tasks the Lord has given us.

Therefore, we are selling two of our saddle-trained Mammoth Jackstock jennets, both of which are registered with NASMA.

Trudy is a large-framed jennet with a lovely personality who enjoys nothing more than attention and is eager to ride. She excels under saddle, and is one of our favorites to ride.

Nettie is an extremely calm jennet with outstanding conformation and a quick intelligence. She is gentle and non-demanding, and very steady under saddle.

If you are interested in any or both of them, please call (979-436-3912) or email ( us.

May the Lord bless you,
the Snowden family