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Friends - 2014-07-04

Saddle-Trained Mammoth Jennets – FOR SALE

We have made the difficult decision to reduce our mammoth jacsktock herd in order to focus on other tasks the Lord has given us. Therefore, we are selling two of our saddle-trained Mammoth Jackstock jennets, both of which are registered with NASMA. Trudy is a large-framed jennet with a lovely personality who enjoys nothing more […]

Our doelings love to run!
(L to R) Kessie, Taffy, Kisses, Rosebud, Poteet, Sweetie, & Buttermilk

Entire Alpine dairy goat herd and 1 Nubian buck – FOR SALE

We have made the difficult decision to disperse our dairy goat herd. Although we hope to rebuild our dairy goat herds down the road, we currently need to focus on other tasks the Lord has given us. Therefore, our core herd of registered Alpines is for sale – 4 does and 1 buck. These are […]

Sun Butter and Butternut 2015-08-11

FOR RESERVATION – Nubian Doeling

As much as we’d like to, we can’t keep every doeling that is born every year. That’s one of the reasons we love twin doelings so much … we can sell one to another family, and we still get to keep one! Cocoa Butter had twin doelings this year, Sun Butter and Butternut. After weaning […]

Cocoa Butter 2014-07-03 - 01

FOR RESERVATION – Adult Nubian Doe

Cocoa Butter will be available for sale this Fall, exposed to one of our Nubian bucks (Ace or Lindera). She is a very gentle and affectionate, thrifty doe, a good mother, and easy to milk. She would make a great family milker! She is available for reservation now.

Ranger - 2015-07-07 - 1

FOR SALE – Handsome Nubian Junior Herdsire

Ranger is the eye-catching combination of TLC-Farms Ace Idris’ bold lines, excellent conformation, and beautiful brown coloring, and Rainbow’s striking style, equally outstanding conformation, and exceptionally correct mammary system. His conformation is outstanding, from his strong head and neck, tying into a strong, level topline on square, correct feet and legs. His well-sprung ribs and […]