Dairy Goats

Our dairy goat lines have been built on years of careful and diligent selection for the best family milking traits available. Drawing from the excellent work of many other breeders, and with gratitude to the many helpful and generous friends the Lord has brought across our path, we strive to use all available resources – visual & linear appraisal, show results, production & DHIR records, and our own experience with various bloodlines – to breed goats that will be a joy and blessing to the families who purchase them! While we limit our showing to occasional visits to several area shows, we concentrate on breeding for conformation and production, selecting based on production, hardiness, mothering ability, and disposition – always working closer towards the ‘ideal’ family milker.

Rich with Permanent Champions, Top 10 milkers, and Superior Genetics designees, our goats’ ancestors have been excellent producers with outstanding conformation. Our Alpines’ pedigrees include Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian, CH Cherry Glen Handel Mandarin (*B), Desert-Magnolia Jayhawk (+*B), Jobi Yankey (*B), Thyway (5*M), Dash (5*M), Cupid (GCH, 5*M) and SGCH Tangleroot Royal Image (++*B). Our Nubians trace back to Iron-Owl Humbug CTS, Iron-Owl Bleu’s Cougar, Crown Point XDA Chatoyant (GCH ++*B), Dayspring Glory (GCH, ++*B), and, further back, Frosty Marvin and DandyLion. We pray that our dairy goats will continue to perform for our family and yours as nobly as their renowned forbears, as we seek to glorify God through wise stewardship of His animals. To Him be the glory!

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