The daughter of Redwood Hills Mister Bee and Moore’s Meadow’s Dream, Adelia inherits an enviable lineage from two premier Alpine herds. As personable and gentle as both her sire and dam, both known on our farm for their quietness and tractability among the Alpine breed, Adelia trips through the day resting with her affectionate dam or outwitting her favorite playmate, Tuffy. Always a lady, she waits a moment after you’ve sat down to quietly come and ask to be petted and scratched.

It is no surprise that her disposition is matched by her elegance and conformation. Her snugly-fitted shoulders an graceful neck blend smoothly into a well-sprung barrel, supported by a strong back, sloping gently in the rump, and supported by well angulated hocks and strong pasterns and legs. A strong muzzle speaks to the capacity and strength of this little doeling, and gives promise of a family milker who will carry on a legacy of excellent mammary systems that produce ample and delicious milk!

Born: May 2016

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