We purchased Calibre, a buck sired by CH Cherry Glen Handel Mandarin – one of the best bucks in the nation – from the Moore’s in December 2007.  Calibre was an outstanding buck with excellent structure and general appearance, a large frame size, capacious body, and commanding presence.  His style and balance captured your attention from across any pen. He has passed on his genetics to many of our does, and we are seeing his impact in the show ring and milking parlor.

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  • Snowden Family Mandarin Rose (A001528858) (Calibre x Ruffles)
  • Snowden Family Calibre Kassie (A001528859) (Calibre x Kaila)


  • Snowden Family Calibre Kailia (A001545403) (Calibre x Kaila)
  • Snowden Family Calibre Kassia (A001545404) (Calibre x Kaila)
  • Cada (Calibre x Cricket)
  • Thistlebird (Calibre x Ruffles)
  • Snowden Family Snowball (A001545406) (Calibre x Ruffles)
  • Kandy (Calibre x Kayenne)

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