Our first Alpine, Clover, came from one of the top milking lines in the nation—including one of the top ten Alpine milkers in the U.S. She was a smooth doe with tremendous body capacity and a capacious udder — an outstanding producer that milked gallons a day on very little feed.

She won 3rd at the 2003 Washington County Fair, and 1st at the 2003 Brazos County Youth Livestock Show.  Her first daughter was Best of Show at the 2004 Brazos County Youth Livestock Show, but was unable to continue her show career due to an untimely death from a snakebite.

Her line continues through her second daughter, Cricket, granddaughter Cada, and great-granddaughters Camel Cricket and Catydid.

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2005 (x Bradley's Elena's El Rey A001332827)

  • Colt (A001357820)
  • Cricket (A001357821)

2003 (x Bradley's Emmas Emmett A001246177)

  • Lil' Miss (A001260477)
  • Lil' Miss (daughter) -  Best of Show - 2004 Brazos County Youth Livestock Show
  • 1st - 2003 Brazos County Youth Livestock Show
  • 3rd- 2003 Washington County Fair

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