Cocoa Butter


TLC Farm’s Alize Take it to the Limit (TITO) and Apple Butter were truly a synergistic combination. Cocoa Butter is a stylish doe with excellent balance and structure and an affectionate nature.  We are enjoying her delicious milk! Her doeling from 2014 by Ace, Buttermilk, is a gentle and efficient young mother we are pleased to add to our herd.

Her twins from 2015 (also by Ace), Sun Butter and Butternut, are stylish doelings are both for sale, as are her twin doelings from this year, Maple Butter and Berry Butter. Cocoa Butter herself is available for reservation now. While we had a difficult time deciding which of our “butter” line to keep (we could only keep 1 doe from each line), we are excited to be able to offer so many family milkers from this gentle, hardy, and productive line!

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2015 (x Ace)

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