Calibre and Kayenne were a powerful combination, resulting in this stunning doe.  Her long, straight back, level rump, and strong, correct feet and legs combine to give her excellent structural correctness.  Add in her outstanding dairy character blended with large body capacity … this doe is a powerhouse.

She has already proven herself in the show ring, taking Grand Champion junior Alpine at the 2011 Memorial Classic Dairy Goat Show, earning her first Champion leg.

Kandy kidded her first time in March 2013.  She had a smooth, easy delivery and gave us a beautiful doeling, Kotton Kandy.  Kandy is an amazingly hardy doe  and very parasite resistant.  Very energetic, Kandy also has an engaging disposition, and excels in her mothering ability. In March 2014, Kandy delivered twin outstanding doelings, Kisses and Taffy. Kandy floods the dairy parlor, easily producing well over a gallon a day!

(courtesy ADGAGenetics.org)
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2014 (x Comedian)

2013 (x Comedian)

Grand Champion - Junior Alpine - 2011 Memorial Classic Dairy Goat Show (her first Champion leg)

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