Meet Lindera – our new junior Nubian herdsire from Pruittville Farms

We are pleased to add Pruittville’s N/L Lindera to our Nubian herd as our newest sire! Representing the outstanding and consistent Nubian herd of the Pruitt family in Louisiana, Lindera is a son of Super Nitro (EX90VEE) and Lantana (EX92EEEE). We are definitely looking forward a couple of years to this handsome and cheerful young […]

2014-03-24 - Rosebud

2015 Kids Coming Soon!

All of our does expecting kids this year have been confirmed pregnant by the BioPRYN pregnancy check! We have Nubian bucklings and doelings available for pre-reservation from Kendalia, Cocoa Butter, and Rainbow, sired by Ace. We have 1 each Alpine buckling and doeling from Dreamer, sired by Mr. Bee. RESERVE YOUR KID TODAY!


Pre-Reservation Open for 2015 Kids!

We have finalized our Fall 2014 breeding plans, and are excited to open pre-reservations for, Lord willing, our 2015 kids! Our current plans are to breed 1 Alpine and 3 Nubians. Pre-reservations are $100 per kid, refundable only if kids are not available to fulfill the reservation from our 2015 kidding, and reservations are taken in the order of […]

Mister Bee - 2014-07-18 - 02

New Alpine Bucks

We are blessed to have recently added two new Alpine herdsires to our farm! Our new senior herdsire is Redwood Hills Lance Mister Bee. With his excellent disposition and conformation, and his pedigree’s reputation in the milk parlor and show ring, we look forward to his 2015 kids! Our upcoming junior herdsire is Cherry Glen […]


Website Update & Repair

It recently came to our attention that many of the links on our website were broken, specifically those showcasing our Alpine & Nubian herds. Between Page Not Found errors and (unintentional!) re-routing to our Dairy Goats for Sale page, we know this must have been a frustrating experience for some of you. We apologize, and […]