Real Goat Milk

SFF Goat Milk Label 
We are licensed by the Office of the Texas State Chemist as a distributor of raw goat milk as a specialty animal feed.  In accordance with state law, our real goat milk labeled for animal feed is decharacterized (dyed with an FDA-approved food coloring to distinguish it from milk labeled for human consumption) and sold in packaging that is distinct from milk sold for human consumption. Raw goat milk is a great feed for orphan animals, such as goats, puppies, and deer, and is seasonally available for purchase and pickup at our farm for $5 / half-gallon.  For more information, please contact us.




Labeled (see picture) for animal consumption only. Contact us to purchase.


Our Real Goat Milk:

  • Is animal feed only
  • Is processed with
    • No pasteurization
    • Identified with food-grade dye (required by law to distinguish from Grade A milk for human consumption)
  • Is sold in half-gallon packages
    • Smaller sizes available upon request, custom pricing applies
    • Larger sizes are NOT available
  • Is packaged in heat-sealed bags
    • 4mL thick walls
    • ‘Milk jugs’ (and other packaging similar to milk for human consumption) are not available (prohibited by state law)
  • Available upon request
  • Contact us for a quote on shipping and handling

Buying our Real Goat Milk

  1. Contact us for current availability and to schedule an appointment
  2. Schedule a pickup
    • Weekly scheduled pickup – by appointment only
    • Milk is hard frozen upon pickup
    • Scheduling required one week in advance
    • ALL milk not picked up during scheduled appointment time is discarded as spoiled, and is non-replaceable
  3.  Make payment
    • First time / one-time purchase: cash or credit-card only (3% card processing fee applies)
    • Weekly pickup: non-refundable payment is required one week in advance (refunds are made to cover orders unable to be fulfilled)
  4. Pickup your real goat milk
    • Bring a cooler and hard-frozen ice packs
    • Don’t make your milk wait – real goat milk is nutritious animal feed – don’t waste it!
    • If an emergency arises, let us know ASAP so that we can make other arrangements with you and ensure your milk stays frozen
  5. Feed it to your animals!


Contact us!