Dairy Goats For Sale

Thank you for visiting our for sale page!  We are pleased that you are considering adding some of our livestock to your herd, and would welcome the chance to discuss them with you. Please explore our dairy goats for sale and then contact us to schedule a visit to our farm, located in the Brazos Valley – right in the heart of Central Texas. We look forward to helping you find your family milker!

Animals Currently For Sale

At this time, we have completely dispersed our dairy goat herds, and we are no longer breeding, raising, or selling dairy goats. Thank you for your interest!


Where are our dairy goats?

Around the world …  Visit our Reference page to see them!

What to Know BEFORE You Pickup a Goat

  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Plan your trip around transporting a goat during good weather:
    • SUMMER:
      • Transport ONLY during a cool part of the day, or in air-conditioning.
      • Transport in a COVERED cage with adequate ventilation either EARLY in the morning (i.e. arrive at your destination before 10AM) or LATE in the evening (i.e. leave our farm no earlier than 5PM).
    • WINTER:
      • Transport during a relatively warm part of the day – late morning to early afternoon.
    • Schedule to avoid rain and high winds (or in air-conditioning).
  • Transport in a covered, ventilated carrier.
    • The most preferred mode is in an animal cage or crate inside a climate-controlled vehicle (such as an SUV) so that your goat is in a climate-controlled environment, protected from sun and wind.
    • If you are transporting inside a vehicle (in air-conditioning) then you may transport any time it is safe to drive.
    • If you are transporting outside a vehicle (pickup bed or trailer), the transport container must be:
      • Covered
      • Adequately ventilated
      • Properly bedded (preferably hay)
      • Secure – strapped down cage or adequately closed trailer.
  • Come in proper attire:
    • Well-covered from sun and other weather.
    • Closed-toe shoes (no sandals, flip-flops, etc.) – you will be expected to go through a foot wash.
  • Have your facilities and feed ready at home:
    • Proper fencing
    • A run-in shed or other shelter
    • Feed (we will send you with a small amount of what they are used to).
    • Ample, clean water
    • Goat minerals, free-choice (NOT meat goat minerals and NOT sheep minerals)
    • Salt, free-choice
    • Baking soda, free-choice (prevents acidosis)
  • Bring payment
    • The remainder of the purchase price (if a reservation deposit has been paid) must be paid before loading.
    • Cash ONLY is accepted (no money orders, cashiers checks, or personal/business checks). Credit/debit cards may be accepted on a case-by-case basis if prior arrangements are made (a 3% processing fee will be applied).
  • We look forward to meeting you!